Our publican shareholder program

We believe that the brewery should also belong to the innkeeper. For this reason we are meeting with various owners of bars and restaurants who are excellent at their job of offering delicious cuisines, atmospheres, services, cocktails and brews to their guests. These publicans are our future shareholders.

We will offer such restaurateur/bar owners the opportunity to become shareholders in our Zemsky Shareholder Program (Zemsky Akcionářský Program).

A significant number of publicans can thus become co-owners of our brewery. Such a publican receives shares essentially free as a sign that we appreciate his attention to good service as well as the difficulty of his field.

Is it truly possible to become a shareholder for free in this day and age?

In a word, yes. The money in this case is not the true value: If we want to produce quality beer – we then want it served by quality restaurants who know how to offer great service and product to their valued guests day after day.

We simply believe that our further development requires constant feedback from a shareholder base that has a vested interest in maintaining high standards, anticipates the needs and desires of its market, and has consistent contact with guests who value great beer.

We believe in the historical concept of the word SHARE as in shareholder. We share not only in the stock value of the company but we also share the knowledge, ideas, and passion involved in our fields. We are looking for those shareholders, who want to help build something and to continue a beautiful tradition.
The publican who becomes our shareholder will receive a “Publican Shareholder Certificate”, entitling them to join in our efforts to realize our vision of returning a large craft brewery to Prague for the first time since 1899.

The certificate of the publican-shareholder will eventually be of a significant value and represent an excellent opportunity for those striving for quality to be amply rewarded.

“Preliminary Publican-Shareholder Certificate”

This certificate is preliminary to the actual certificate of stock ownership, yet is legally binding. It will serve until the actual certificate is offered approximately 18 to 24 months later.


After this initial period, the Innkeeper will become an official shareholder of the Zemsky Akciovy Pivovar. In all of our meetings so far, we have met with great enthusiasm from future Publican-Shareholders!