Our new brewery

While we are eagerly waiting to build our own brewery, we just couldn’t wait and had to start making our beers. To do this we have carefully chosen selected brewery partners where we brew our beers to our own recipes, with our own ingredients and under our strict supervision with various brewmasters, depending on the type of beer.

Our bottom-fermented lagers and semidark beers are brewed at Pivovar Chotěboř, about 90 minutes outside of Prague. Our top fermented international brews are made at different breweries, depending on the specific style and technical needs of the brew. Currently our Partner for Colorado Pale Ale and other specialty beers is Antoš in Slaný.


So, we finally signed a lease for another iconic location in Prague and are now fund-raising for reconstruction and build-out. Want a piece of Czech craft brewing action? You can invest via the Symcredit business crowdfunding P2P loan facility https://www.symcredit.com/en/product/craft-brewery-2/ or contact us directly.